Choose the best domain name?

Choose the best domain name?

Trying to figure out the best domain name for your new website is one of the more difficult tasks when establishing a new online presence. You do not want to change domain names often — it’s bad for branding and bad for SEO — so whatever you diecide is going to have to work well for a good long time.

If you are an organization with a primarily offline presence, the best thing is usually to pick a domain name that is a easy-to-remember version of your real-world name. That might be your full business name, or a common, conversational shortening.

If you serve a particular geographical area, it can be helpful to include the name of your city or town in the domain name. This is especially useful if your name is somewhat common. For example — there are a lot of churches named “St. John’s” and a lot of private schools named “Excelsior Academy.” Since schools and churches both serve local communities, it’s a good idea to distinguish these with domain names like or

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